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Wild Hogs


Our hog hunting takes place on a pre-selected ranch, farm, or grove in Central Florida. Portions of the areas are adjacent to the Saint John's River, so a variety of animals, reptiles, and birds are seen throughout the day. Wild Boar Hunting can occur in a variety of ways including swamp buggy, spot-and-stalk, and stand hunting. Relate to us what you are looking for in a Wild Boar hunt and we will put together the package to suit your needs.
Florida is a great place for hunting hogs. This tradition has been a part of Florida's wildlife management for generations. Private land in Florida can be used for hog hunting year-round. This is an opportunity that we take full advantage of at Triple M Outfitters. Clients can choose from several different options such as half day, full day, and night time hunts.
You can always find great-eating wild hogs if you know where to go. Wild hogs, also known as wild pigs, aren't native to Florida. It is possible that they were brought over by the Spanish explorer Hernando DeSoto as early as 1539. They thrive in Florida's mild climate and are abundant throughout the state.
On average wild boars and sows range between 75 and 200 pounds. Yes, you may have seen hogs on the internet weighing in over 500 pounds, but in general, a hog in the wild forages and size depends on resources. Wild boars are taken with a spear, bow, crossbow, rifle, handgun, or knife. If you are visiting Florida and do not have a weapon we will provide one for you.
Triple M Outfitters provides unique hog hunting experiences in Central Florida for first-time hunters, experienced hunters, individuals, and larger parties. Whether you're looking for a new adventure as a family or an amazing experience to mark a milestone, our professional guides will ensure a memorable hunting trip.
You do not need a hunting license or permit to hunt wild hogs on Florida private land.