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Gator Hunting

Triple M Style!

We offer two alligator hunts. First is a trophy hunt which is any alligator over 9 feet. Our average alligator on a trophy hunt runs around 11 feet. The second alligator hunt is our management hunt which is an alligator from 7 feet up to 8'11 feet. Our average alligator on this hunt runs around 8 feet. All alligator prices are flat-rate. No trophy fees or hidden costs. Alligator license is $51. With over 30,000 acres of private cattle ranches and agricultural farms to alligator hunt, I can ensure you will be 100% successful regardless of which size alligator you choose to go after. Our packages will take place on several private ranches and water impoundments in South Central Florida. Gator hunting is available year-round through a private land harvesting program developed by the state. This allows the outfitter to hold all the gator tags. A variety of weapons are used by customers including rifle, bow, crossbow, and or any other weapon of your choice. Hunts can take place day or night on these private ranches. If you do not have a weapon, we can loan you one for hunting. Previously scouted gators will determine if they are to be hunted from the shore or boat. In addition, a guide will help you identify the gator size you are seeking and assist you with all phases of the gator hunt. Harvested gators can be processed locally, packaged, frozen, and available for pickup within two to three days maximum. The hide is rolled up and packaged. The tag must stay with the hide. TAXIDERMY AVAILABLE FOR ALL ANIMALS HARVESTED. CLICK for RATES