Florida’s Best Alligator Hunting: Weapons and Strategies

Florida's Best Alligator Hunting: Weapons and Strategies
Florida’s Best Alligator Hunting: Weapons and Strategies

Alligator hunting in Florida is a great way to spend the day. Whether you’re looking for a unique way to create memories while on a family vacation or considering the bachelor party of a lifetime, you should consider a guided hunt. 

Private land hunts are one of Florida’s most unique experiences. Alligator laws allow hunts with weapons such as rifles, crossbows, harpoons, or archery. No matter which weapon you choose, Florida alligator hunting will always be an exciting and challenging adventure. 

What is required to hunt alligators near Orlando?

When you choose a private land hunt with Triple M Outfitters Unlimited in Palm Bay, FL everything is included in the price of the hunt. This includes your permit. However, if you choose to take your chances with a public land lottery hunt you need to buy a hunting license and obtain the landowner’s permission before starting your hunt.

  • Alligators are hunted with either rifles, crossbows, harpoons, or archery.
  • Florida alligator hunters can hunt day or night in Florida.

What should be included on your list of supplies for Florida alligator hunting?

  • Binoculars
  • A good hunting knife
  • A flashlight
  • Plenty of ammo for your weapon of choice.
  • If you choose to use a rifle, make sure you have plenty of bullets and shotgun shells.

What strategies should beginners use in order to increase their chances of success?

Florida alligator hunters should always be prepared for the unexpected. It’s a very unpredictable place!

Hunters have their choice of weapon, including a crossbow, regular bow, gun, baited hook, rifle, harpoon, and flamethrower.

Rifle: If you choose to use a rifle for your night hunts, then it’s important that you have the right scope. Make sure to bring enough ammo too!

Crossbow: The best thing about the crossbow is that it’s powerful and accurate, with a range of up to 50 yards. This weapon choice is great for Florida alligator hunting at night but make sure you have strong enough arrows!

Harpoon: Because of the harpoon’s close range, this is a less popular option for Florida alligator hunters and another reason why people prefer private land hunts.

Baited Hook: The baited hook is another option for Florida alligator hunters who are skilled in archery, crossbows.

To choose the best weapon, you should consult an experienced guide. They will understand the terrain and offer the best suggestions for completing a successful hunt.

What are the Best Hunting Locations near Brevard County?

To hunt without limits you’ll you will want to look for private land. Hunting alligators on private land in Central Florida is legal 365 days a year. 

Some alligator hunters prefer hunting on small ponds, which can be found all over Florida. Others prefer to hunt in the swamps. If you prefer public land hunts you must remain within designated hunt zones. Additionally, Florida limits public gator hunts to the months of August-October (in most years).   

Permits for public land hunts are available on a limited entry basis. This means you must apply and draw a tag in a random draw lottery. The application period for this hunt is usually the last two weeks of May.

Can non-residents hunt alligators in Florida?

Yes. Non-residents can hunt alligators as long as they have a Florida hunting license and the landowner’s permission.

What are some common mistakes made by people who want to become gator hunters?

One of the mistakes that beginners make is not having enough patience, experience, or knowledge about what it takes to succeed in Florida alligator hunting.

Florida alligator hunting guided options

There are many different options for a guided alligator hunt. At Triple M Outfitters we offer two packages:

  • 2 Day/1 Night 
  • 3 Day/2 Night

Alligator Taxidermy:

After successful hunting, it’s important to take your gators out of the water and let them dry. This process can be done in one day or over a few days, depending on how big your trophy is.

At Triple M Outfitters Unlimited taxidermy is available for all harvested animals. Whether you want to request processing of alligator meat or simply have a trophy from your exciting experience, we will aim to please. Contact us to book your hunt today!