Five Recommended Items That Make For Great Hunts

How are we doing guys? I’m Matt Cates from Triple M Outfitters Unlimited, down here in Florida. We specialize in alligator and hog hunting.

Today I want to go over a couple of key items that we use that make us successful on our hunts on a daily basis. And they’re pretty frequently asked questions. So we thought we’d just go over a few things.

I wanted to start with one of the main pieces of equipment on a hunt is our rifles. We go with the basic Remington Model 700. Everybody and their brothers use these over their lifetime in hunting, if you’ve hunted much. It’s really basic, really simple. I like vortex, optics, scopes, and binoculars for two reasons: their quality and they’re very affordable for everybody.

It’s not something that’s out of reach for anybody. Everybody can afford these, and they’re great glass. These rifles work really well. I like a short barrel just because it’s easy to maneuver in quick situations. And I prefer a .243 caliber for a couple of reasons: it’s not a lot of recoil, it’s flat-shooting. Everybody can shoot that gun: wives, kids, everybody. And it does a great job on the alligators and the hogs.

And then when we get off of our rifles, I like to use Hornady ammo. I like the InterLocks. The InterLock is a soft-tip bullet, but it’s a solid bullet. It has really high weight retention. And when we’re shooting hogs and alligators, that’s extremely important. The hogs are very thick, tough hide. The boars have that big thick shield, we have to bust through. An alligator, of course, is tough, extremely tough hide. We do some body shots on alligators and a lot of headshots. So we have to break that bone. You want a lot of penetration on both animals. That ammo works incredibly well. Anything that’s a very high weight retention is what we’re after. The Hornady Interlock is a great choice for what we hunt here in Florida.

A question on binoculars all the time is “what binoculars do you guys like?” Again, just like the scope, I like the vortex. These vortex are the Diamondbacks. This is an extremely affordable pair of binoculars. They’re about $250. So very affordable, and I’ve used everything. I’ve used the high-dollar stuff down to the cheapest stuff you can buy, just to have on hand for clients. These work as good as any of the high-dollar stuff at a crazy affordable price.

We go into the trail camera stuff we’ve been using. These are new. The Tactacam came out with the Reveal camera. It’s a cell cam. So it takes pictures and will email them directly to your phone. So there’s no more running out checking trail cameras every day, every other day, kind of disturbing your area. You can set your cameras up, leave it alone, and you’re good. It’ll send all the information right to your phone. A great camera, good battery life. I highly recommend that trail camera.

And then another product we’ve been using lately is Tactacam came out with a little deal here called the Spotter LR. So this attaches to a spotting scope. This helps us identify animals at a long distance to see if it’s… Maybe we don’t want to waste the time or the energy to have to walk a mile, or do a certain stock to get on this animal. But it’s not something that we really want. We use the spotting scopes for that. And this Tactacam LR has a little screen on it.

So of course you’re not going to have a bunch of spotting scopes set up for everybody to look through. So instead of one person at a time having to kind of move around and get in the spotting scope, we can all stand back and look at this screen and see the images that we’re looking at through the spotting scope. And not only can we view it, but it will also record. So we can do long-range recording with this. This is a new item, it just came out, and it’s awesome. It’s definitely going to be useful in our hunting situations, highly recommend it. And that’s a Tactacam Spotter LR.

We appreciate you guys tuning in today and checking us out. These are some items that we use on a daily basis. If you guys have any questions, please like and subscribe to our channel. Don’t forget to turn on your notifications and comment. If you have any questions, any concerns, or anything about any of these products, or any other, something that we might use, don’t hesitate to send us a message, comment on everything. And thanks for checking us out.