Whether driving or flying, you’ll need to plan to transport your meat after the hunt. Your harvested gator can be processed locally, packaged, frozen, and available for pickup within two to three days maximum. Driving Home with Gator and Hog Meat If you’re driving to Brevard County, bring a cooler or two. You’ll need space… Read more

Millions of alligators dwell in the freshwater coastal rivers, lakes, and marshes of the South-Eastern USA. So while alligator hunting is possible in Texas, Louisiana, North and South Carolina, Georgia, and Mississippi, it’s no surprise that the swampy conditions of Florida make our state prime gator hunting land. Triple M Outfitters is located near Orange… Read more

Alligator hunting in Florida is a great way to spend the day. Whether you’re looking for a unique way to create memories while on a family vacation or considering the bachelor party of a lifetime, you should consider a guided hunt.  Private land hunts are one of Florida’s most unique experiences. Alligator laws allow hunts… Read more

How are we doing guys? I’m Matt Cates from Triple M Outfitters Unlimited, down here in Florida. We specialize in alligator and hog hunting. Today I want to go over a couple of key items that we use that make us successful on our hunts on a daily basis. And they’re pretty frequently asked questions.… Read more